Better Decisions, Better Analytics
and Customizable Reporting

Business and Artificial Intelligence

Business Intelligence allows companies to make better decisions by accessing their data. Even small companies that don't accumulate a large volume of data can benefit from better analytics and easily customizable reporting.

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Users with basic database knowledge can setup data views to build self-service data applications that allow business users to quickly and easily generate reports and share them across the organization.

Browser Based UI

Simple HTML5 based search interface that offers search suggestions as you type and creates results,visualisations and summaries instantly.

Allows technical users to build data models using SQL and leveraging existing queries and knowledge for other users to explore.

Reduce the workload on your database server whilst allowing multiple users to access the data instantaneously.

Our aim is to radically reduce the cost,complexity and time to implement Business Intelligence and Self-Service Reporting. Companies can implement enterprise-class Business Intelligence,Self-Service Reporting and big data analytics in day and weeks,rather than months and years. Save time,report faster and more accurately. Self-service to build and access reports. Drill-down into busniess data held centrally, with one single version of the truth,all without needing technical knowledge and expertise.

Our System allows you to connect to your data source and build reusable data models.


Connect to your data source whether
it is in the Cloud or on premise.


Build reusable data models leveraging against database skills.


Drag and Drop fields and build reports
to support your analysis


Add charts to dashboards and share through access controlled folders

Our data analytics platform connects live to your database giving you
real time access in it's entirety.


Cognitive computing systems aim to improve customer engagement and drive innovation and growth through understanding all forms of data including:

  • Unstructured
  • Interacting with people
  • Learning and reasoning at scale in a high volume data world.

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Solution Features


Respond in a human-like manner.

Utilizing machine learning to grow subject matter expertise in your apps and systems.

Understand personality,tone and emotion to personalize recommendations.

Respond in a human-like manner.