Medium to large organisations have invested in sophisticated server based systems however, the solution is financially prohibitive due to high capital investment for the software and server infrastructure. The incumbent telco's high fax-call costs remain with this solution. The Colt platform addresses this arena,offering both significant financial effencies and document management options with secure,scalable external private cloud options. A fax document is never lost and intergration into workflows is a convenient and important feature.

Colt using our Decoss Cloud solution will result in a minimum cost reduction of 30% of overall costs from the current system with strong intergration that will streamline workflow and create administrative efficiencies.

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The Colt Server has 8 Major components:


  • Internet connectivity/Networking components.
  • Telephony connectivity.
  • E-mail handling
  • Incoming and Outgoing Fax software.
  • Database.
  • Conversion for email to fax.
  • Real-time Administration Interface.
  • API and MFP interfaces.

Savings to customers are based on three areas:

Infrastructure Costs

Fax system infrastructure typically costs in excess of 13c per minute in a perfectly sized environment which is rare to find. This excludes factors such as networking,internal support staff and other hosting costs.

Call Sending Costs and Shared all costs

Faxes sent by Telkon at current rates. Multifunctional Hardware

Multifunctional Hardware

Fax cards are sold between R8000.00 and R13000.00 that will translate into a rental or depreciation of R250-R400 per device depending on the manufacturer. This savings drops straight to the client's bottom line. Prior to finalisation of the Colt contract with a client,NGN will conduct a free audit of the client's environment to establish what the current costs of their fax server environment is in order to determine what the saving will be. Typically this is no less than 30% of their current costs

Technical Setup

Implementation will depend on the client's current environment and requirements.
If being replaced by a fully cloud SaaS,the existing infrastructure is already in place by NGN and will be grown to accomodate increasing volumes.
If required to be hosted by the client,we can potentially reuse their existing hardware investment or deploy infrastructure similar to that hosted by NGN TELECOMS.