Digital Solutions

Our digital Solutions portfolio will help determine what solution is best fitted to assist them with the 'day-to-day' running of their business. Generally,we are able to offer either a Document Management Solution,Application Development or the implementaion of either a Business or Artificial Intelligence tool to assist with this. Due to the nature of the solution,there is no fixed price for the solution. Quotations are given to clients based on their bespoke requirements.

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Docmate Module Functionality

DMS are systems to manage and store documents for easy retrieval,back-up,security and reduce resource utilization such as paper and costly paper storage.

Docmate Module Functionality

Document Entry

  • Scanning of paper based documents.
  • Importing of document images from CD, Memory disk, Hard disk and Network.
  • Print from any windows application, (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel…) directly to Docmate.
  • Support for over 40 major file types.
  • Interpret various document types with Automatic Document Recognition (ADR).
  • Detailed batch entry of documents.
  • Indexing of documents at point of entry.
  • Scheduled updates of images for WAN or low speed networks.
  • Faxed entry of documents into system with routing based on phone line or Caller ID.

  • Template based document recognition for ADR.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based on zones or barcodes for automated data entry.
  • Routing of documents with data entry into User Defined Fields (UDF).
  • Hierarchical support of document with use of Folder Structure.
  • Audit Trail (Version Control) of all modifications processed.
  • Full User / Group based security with various degrees of access (Read, Write, Delete, etc).
  • Retrieval of data into UDF fields from 3rd Party database systems.

  • Two search engines, basic and advanced.
  • Document Name, Page Name and UDF based search.
  • Full Text search.
  • Full Boolean based search allowingAND, OR and NOT operators.
  • Wildcards support.
  • Advanced search engine permits searching by: Scan Date, Routed User, Folder, Template and UDF’s.

  • Search and retrieve documents .
  • Image controls for rotation and easy zooming with magnification up to the smallest pixel.
  • Annotating of documents with eradication support, highlighting, lines, squares, circles, text and stamps.
  • Note entry of reminders for yourself or additional people in the route.
  • View full history of documents and pages from Audit Trail.

  • Both internal (Intranet) and External (Internet) interfaces for use with office employees or clients respectively.
  • Advanced customizable web interface design.
  • Internal module features include: Advanced Searching, Viewing, Indexing, UDF Editing,Routing and Printing .
  • External module features include: Searching and Viewing (Read–only processes).
  • Web usage reports.

  • Send documents and pages to any printer.
  • Processing of documents to Fax sender.
  • Emailing of documents.
  • Produce encrypted libraries to send via email or on CD/DVD Media.
  • Libraries only viewable using distributed Library viewer with valid access key .
  • Library viewer is able to: search on document and page names, search full text, view documentation with imaging controls and print documentation.

  • Full report writer with security and report grouping.
  • Wizard based or advanced SQL script based report building.
  • Use of document images with reports.
  • Full reporting with summaries and analysis graphs.
  • Reports available to viewing stations immediately through database connection.

  • Customizable security features, such as User Access Levels and Data Encryption.
  • User groups and contacts management.
  • Document Template editing, Integration and Services settings.
  • Viewing of event Logs.

  • Integrate by means of two ways data exchange into line of business application such as accounting, ERP, Human resources, time and attendance, production, facilities management applications.
  • Secure and audited transaction history.


A full premise based solution can be setup with in the client’s environment. This will sized based on volumes and integration work will be specified and scope per implementation Cloud based solution with the core functionality of the above is available instantly in the cloud.